5 Stars!! Excellent Read!!

Cursed (The United Series) - David Michael

Five Stars!! No question. David Michael has done it again! With the perfect combination of action, adventure and emotional turmoil.

The well written character Luke has been through it rough and it is worse when his sister steps in to help. It is worse to him than the trouble he was already in. With the brotherly instinct to protect the only person who he has ever really cared for. Luke is a passionate man who made some decisions that got him in a bind. He fights with all he has to push his beloved sister away. He sacrifices a lot to keep her safe. Well written and well described background of Luke.

Sarah Is also written well with her strong, stubborn determination to help her brother as best as she can. With her spending her growing years away from her brother hurt her to no end, it was like torture. She knew that what she did was right and now that she has the opportunity to help him, she fights him to no end to help. His trouble he has been in is difficult to handle but she has always cared for him and not let him push her away. She is a well written character with a strong will.

David Michael wrote this book with passion. You can tell by the way it was written. The storyline is written so well that you can relate with the characters. You are pulled into the world of the book easily. Couldn't put it down!!